How Can You Prepare Today To Be Compliant With The SEC Disclosure Rule 2023?

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What do you need to do today to start preparing for compliance with SEC Disclosure Rule 2023?


Join Vishal Chawla (CEO of BluOcean) & Todd Fitzgerald (author of CISO Compass) for a 30-min webinar where they delve into the intricacies of the SEC Disclosure Rule 2023. This webinar will help you understand the rule’s implications and prepare your organization to comply effectively.


By the end of this webinar, you will understand how to:


  • Establish SEC Disclosure Governance Model: CFO, Legal, CISO, CRO, and business heads have to collaborate to comply with this unique regulation. We’ll examine individual roles, responsibilities, and who should lead.

  • Determine Material Risk: How to align with SEC materiality definition for cyber incidents?

  • Incorporate Material Cyber Risk into Incident Response Plans: Key changes required, including regulatory reporting and shareholders’ communication.


In addition to these outcomes, they will provide a comprehensive overview of the SEC Disclosure Rule 2023, material incident reporting, risk management strategy, and governance, helping you build a framework that fills existing gaps.


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