Navigating the complex world of cybersecurity is no easy task, especially when it comes to communicating with the board.

Addressing the Board's Cyber Risk Management Concerns: A Deep Dive

For years, CISOs have grappled with the challenge of effectively addressing board questions around cyber risk management. Despite numerous strategies and approaches, a communication gap remains. Our recent survey on board reports, combined with insights from our webcast, sheds light on this persistent issue.

  • 77% of CISOs we surveyed struggle with demonstrating ROI on cyber initiatives


  • 83% of the CISOs we surveyed focus on technical metrics and NIST program maturity for their board reports and most do not include any business process risk reduction


  • 79% of CISOs have received complaints from their board or colleagues on security not being handled effectively


*Source: Implications of Stress on CISOs

key questions that consistently pose challenges in board reports

Drawing from comprehensive research, in-depth conversations with board members, C-Executives, and CISOs, we’ve identified key questions that consistently pose challenges in board reports. These questions underscore the board’s quest for clarity, actionable insights, and strategic alignment in the realm of cybersecurity:

  • How do our current cyber risks align with our overall business risks, and how might they impact our strategic objectives and financial performance?


  • Given the substantial investments in cybersecurity, how can we effectively measure the return, especially in terms of risk reduction, incident prevention, and other tangible outcomes?


  • In the unfortunate event of a major cyber breach, how equipped are we to respond, mitigate, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders?


  • Where do we stand in comparison to industry benchmarks or our competitors in terms of cybersecurity? Are we leading, matching the pace, or trailing behind?


  • With the cyber threat landscape in constant flux and considering our upcoming business strategies, which cybersecurity initiatives should be our top priority in the forthcoming 12-24 months?

Our findings emphasize the need for CISOs To

  • Refine their communication strategies,


  • Ensure that board reports are not just informative but also actionable,


  • Align cybersecurity endeavors with overarching business goals.

BluOcean's Unique Approach

BluOcean approaches this solution by working both with the business and cyber teams to understand the cyber impact on critical business operations and quantitatively mapping that out to deliver actionable insights for CISO, business, and the boards.


Board reports answer the questions that your board and business leaders want to know:

Key Risk Metrics

  • What is going to impact our business?


  • How are we reducing the risk to our business?


  • What investments need to be made to continue reducing our risk?

Threat Research

  • How can new cyber attacks impact our business operations?


  • How prepared are we as an organization?

Program Updates

  • How are our investments reducing business risk?


  • Which business processes are becoming more resilient?

Our Delivery Model

We recognize the hidden costs associated with preparing board reports. 


From collecting data, purchasing and configuring platforms, to hiring and training personnel, the expenses can range from $300K to $1Mil. In addition, there are significant hours being spent every quarter by the security leadership 


You can reduce all the pain away and at a fraction of the cost by using our board report as a service offering:


  • We work with you to build the reports,


  • And we visit your quarterly to update the reports for your leadership and boards consumption.


Our service aims to streamline this process, making it more efficient and cost-effective while creating greater returns for your cyber program.

Our Service Tiers







* Prices may vary based on complexity and the number of distinct business units.

Clarity for the Board, Empowerment for the CISO

Secure Your Budget, Showcase Your ROI

  • CISOs cyber strategy aligns with the business objectives.


  • Actionable reports that facilitate joint decision-making between the cyber team and the business. 


  • Our industry SME’s bring their board and leadership experience to help with the narrative.


  • Cyber program progress showcased through quarterly updates in risk reduction.


  • Actionable and transparent insights on the cyber landscape ensure board is always several steps ahead.

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