Demystify Cyber Risk Board Reporting

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Are you tired of board meetings where eyes glaze over as soon as ‘cyber risk’ is mentioned? Discover the key to turning those meetings into actionable strategy sessions.


Here are the slides and recording of our 30-minute conversation with Shari Daw, a distinguished senior executive with extensive experience leading risk management initiatives for Discover Financial Services, Freddie Mac, JPMorgan Chase, ABN AMRO, and Bank of America.


You will be given unique insights from both an ERM and Board of Directors perspective, diving into what truly resonates with your board. Learn how to tailor your cyber risk board reports to not only captivate your audience, but also demonstrate the value of your cyber program.


By the end of this video, you will understand the:


  • Attributes of an Effective Cyber Risk Board Report: How to craft compelling reports that not only inform but also drive board member engagement to drive impactful actions.

  • Blueprint for Business-Centric Cyber Risk Board Report: Discover the secret formula to ensure your board sees beyond the technical jargon and grasps the strategic business implications of cyber risks.

  • ERM Insights Boards Want: Find out what boards really want to know about cyber risk from an Enterprise Risk Management perspective.


Ever felt like you’re speaking a different language when discussing cyber risks with your board? Let’s change that.


Download our slides and watch the recording below and discover how to turn complex cyber topics into conversations that drive actions. If you’re after results and meaningful discussions, this is for you.


Make your next board meeting a game-changer.


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