2. Risk Management Strategy Disclosure Requirements

  • Description of processes, if any, for the assessment, identification, and management of material risks from cybersecurity threats, including:
  • Whether and how processes have been integrated into the overall risk management system or processes


  • Engagements with assessors, consultants, auditors, or other third parties in connection with any such processes
  • Disclosure of whether any risks from cybersecurity threats have materially affected or are reasonably likely to materially affect their business strategy, results of operations, or financial condition.

3.Governance and Board Expertise Disclosure Requirements

  • Description of the board’s oversight of risks from cybersecurity threat and any devoted committees or subcommittees


  • Description of management’s role in assessing and managing the registrant’s material risks from cybersecurity threats which may include:
  • Management positions or committees are responsible for assessing and managing risks, and the relevant expertise of each person
  • Processes on how management is informed about and monitor the prevention, detection, mitigation, and remediation of cybersecurity incidents
  • How information about such risks to the board of directors or a committee or subcommittee of the board of directors.

The BluOcean Way: Empowering the Modern CISO

In a world where cyber risk is among the top threats, the role of a CISO must evolve beyond just technology and defense—success demands strategy and collaboration.


At BluOcean, we equip CISOs with the tools to thrive in this new reality, embodying all four roles: Defender, Technologist, Strategist, and Collaborator.


Welcome to the BluOcean Way—the future of cybersecurity leadership.

Our Solutions

Cyber Risk Board Reporting (As A Service)

Are your board reports clearly communicating the effectiveness of your cyber program? Your Board is expecting to understand the resilience of your critical business processes and products. BluOcean’s Board Reporting supports your cyber program going beyond just cyber metrics and calculating reduction to business risk while communicating clear returns on your cyber investments.

SEC Cyber Incident Disclosure Rule Implementation

Does your current cyber risk management strategy foster investor trust? The 2023 SEC Cybersecurity Rule is enforcing that organizations act to protect their investors from the consequences of cyber risks. BluOcean helps navigate the complexities of this new rule through a rapid gap assessment and strategic roadmap ensuring your program is ready for compliance.

Business-Driven Cyber Risk Governance Planning

Is there a protective approach for protecting your business from cyber threats? BluOcean collaborates with your business leadership understanding the processes and assets they care about. Our planning works to drive successful outcomes for your program by reducing risk to your business through strategic initiatives with clear ROI.

SaaS Security & Privacy

As businesses today rely more and more on SaaS applications for innovation and agile growth, Saas Security becomes the weakest link in their business strategy. Does your current cyber program safeguards SaaS applications that support critical business functions? BluOcean's robust SaaS Security and Risk Assessment solution helps CISOs, CTOs, CIOs in supporting business growth in a secure manner.

Protecting Material Non-Public Information

Is your current cyber program protecting Material Non-Public Information (MNPI) to safeguard the firm against the volatile market risk? Cyber breaches involving MNPI can lead to great potential losses, and CISOs often struggle with enforcing the right controls to protect MNPI data, which is pervasive in all business functions. They lack a key ingredient: collaboration. BluOcean bridges the gap by uniting the CISO and CFO, leveraging their combined expertise to create a comprehensive MNPI governance strategy.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Standard consulting just doesn't cut it anymore. Cyber threats are evolving, and your defenses need to do the same. What if you could leverage a team of experts to proactively fortify your organization?