Are Your SaaS Defenses Battle-Ready? Strategies For Fortifying Your SaaS Security

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As businesses increasingly lean on SaaS apps for vital operations from finance, HR, supply chain to cybersecurity tools, the security challenges around these deployments are becoming hard to overlook, especially with cyber-attacks on third-party tools on the rise.


With a staggering $208.08 billion forecasted SaaS spending in 2023 (adding up to 35% of all end-user public cloud spending) and the trajectory showing no signs of slowing down, the imperative for robust SaaS security and governance has never been more critical​.


Did you know that 93% of SaaS applications have at least one critical vulnerability? That means that the vast majority of SaaS applications are at risk of being exploited by attackers. And with 68% of organizations having experienced a data breach caused by a SaaS application, it’s clear that SaaS security is a major concern.


SaaS applications are convenient and agile, but they’re vulnerable to attack if not configured and managed properly. Misconfigurations and poor governance can lead to data breaches, cyber-attacks, and other costly security incidents.



Here are the slides and recording of our 30-minute conversation with Vishal Chawla, CEO of BluOcean, and Harold Byun, the Chief Product Officer of AppOmni, which is a pioneer in the SaaS security world.



Join Vishal and Haorld as they delve into the critical realm of SaaS security and governance. Learn the nuanced security considerations essential for robust SaaS governance, and learn how to architect a holistic SaaS security strategy that is aligned with the emerging threats and compliance mandates of 2023.


By the end of this video, you will understand the:


  • SaaS Access Model: Learn how SaaS environments can inadvertently expose data through misconfigurations.  Effective permission management can protect your customer data from common cyber risks.


  • SaaS Threat Model: Key components of preventing, detecting, and responding to threat actors in SaaS and who should be doing this.


  • Data Protection & Privacy: Configure rules and implement controls like encryption to manage sensitive data as per data classification policy and privacy regulatory requirements.


  • Effective SaaS Governance: How can an effective SaaS governance model help companies prioritize SaaS security and operationalize it.


Empower your team with a new industry standard of SaaS security and governance with AppOmni’s posture management tool combined with BluOcean’s holistic SaaS Cybersecurity framework.


Download our slides and watch the recording below to discover actionable strategies to fortify your SaaS security with a plan tailored to your company.



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