Cybersecurity As A Business Enabler: A Strategic Framework

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How to implement a holistic framework integrating cyber risk with business strategy?


Recent cyber breaches underscore a critical deficiency: the essential synergy between business and security. This missing collaboration highlights the vital need for aligning cyber strategy with business objectives to demonstrate the value of your program.


Here are the slides and recording of our 30-minute conversation with Patty Edfors, a trailblazer and luminary in the world of information security and compliance.


With over 25 years of distinguished leadership, Patty has steered major global organizations through the complexities of security and compliance, most prominently as the former CISO/CPO for SiriusXM. Her expertise spans diverse sectors, from media and entertainment, to the U.S. Federal government, healthcare, and beyond.


By the end of this video, you will understand the:


  • Understanding Risk to Business: What does business really care about, and what is risk from their perspective?

  • Business-Informed Decisions: How to leverage business risk appetite to drive cyber investment decisions?

  • Business-Driven Cyber Risk Governance Framework: How to operationalize a strong cyber-business partnership to help align cyber investments with business objectives?

  • Cyber as a Business Enabler: How to bring cyber from a siloed cost center to the executive strategy table?


In today’s tech-centric business landscape, Cyber Risk Management is a strategic business decision, not merely an IT task to check off.


Download our slides and watch the recording below and discover actionable strategies to help you create a business-driven cyber risk governance plan tailored to your company.


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