SaaS Apps supporting critical Businesses

Digital transformation in the last decade has seen most businesses exploiting the agility and accelerated value from SaaS applications. Today all major business functions (including mission critical) – Finance, IT, HR, Sales are dependent on these third party developed and hosted SaaS applications, which also store their business-critical data like business financials, customers information, Personal Identifiable information (PII), Patient Health Information (PHI) to name the few. 

Rise of Software as a Services (SaaS) Enterprise

We see some companies having anywhere from 30 to 1000+ SaaS applications, we call this the “SaaS Enterprise”. So, how do you ensure that within this SaaS Enterprise your sensitive data is protected in alignment with your data classification and information security and privacy policies? You have the visibility and right controls have been implemented to achieve resilience of your mission critical processes.  


Conventional NIST or ISO cyber security programs are not the answer, because they were designed with focus on securing on-premise infrastructure. With the advent of cloud, security teams started implementing  cloud security programs to secure the cloud platforms (essentially the Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)  and Platform as a service (PaaS) services). We need to do the same approach and build and implement a SaaS centric framework and cybersecurity program.


Securing the SaaS Enterprise is our responsibility

The Cloud Security Shared Responsibility model clearly lays out that data stored in SaaS applications and access to this data is the customer’s responsibility. Many organizations address SaaS security by conducting third party reviews of SaaS vendors or getting their Service Organization Control Type 2 (SOC2) . However, this only ensures that the SaaS provider’s end of the bargain is fulfilled and compliant. The customer’s responsibility of securing their sensitive data, managing access, integrations, and everything built over the SaaS app, still remains a big security blind spot and significant risk to the organizations.

Did you Know?

  • Over 55% of security executives said they experienced a security incident in their software-as-a-service (SaaS) environment over the last two years, a 12% increase from the previous year, according to a Cloud Security Alliance survey.
  • At least 43% of organizations dealt with one or more security incidents because of a SaaS misconfiguration.
  • Around 35% of organizations believe one of the major challenge with SaaS security is that too many departments (mostly business) have access to the SaaS security settings and 34% of organizations believe it is lack of visibility into changes in the SaaS security settings. And another 22% organizations believe it is the lack of knowledge on SaaS security.
  • Sensitive SaaS data has been exposed in about 81% of organizations, highlighting the prevalence of data vulnerabilities and the urgent need for enhanced security measures.
  • Attackers find it easier to infiltrate when multi-factor authentication (MFA) is missing. Surprisingly, the average company has 4,468 user accounts without MFA enabled, creating opportunities for attackers to exploit internally exposed data.

do you believe your firm is equipped to secure the SaaS apps successfully?


  • Are you encrypting sensitive data in SaaS?
  • Are you classifying and restricting access to sensitive data?
  • Are you monitoring access to dormant accounts of alumni, staff etc.?
  • Do you ensure compliance with Data Privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)?
  • Are the Incident Response teams trained on how to handle incidents in SaaS?
  • Are you monitoring and restricting data sharing via APIs in SaaS Enterprise?
  • Are you scanning code developed in SaaS for application vulnerabilities?
  • Do you have a SaaS sanctioning and risk assessment process?
  • Do you have visibility into SaaS misconfigurations from a single dashboard?
  • Do you have controls to detect threat vectors in your SaaS environment, or do you rely on SaaS vendors to notify you of these incidents?

How BluOcean Addresses This Challenge

BluOcean utilizes its proprietary SaaS Cybersecurity Framework (based on NIST, CSA CCM, MITRE ATT&CK) and works in collaboration with the cyber teams as well as SaaS app owners to –

  • educate them on Why SaaS security is important for their business, 
  • organize and establish SaaS strategy and governance model,
  • design SaaS security architecture aligned with enterprise security policies and standards,
  • implement SaaS security in collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • And operationalize SaaS security as a fully managed service.
As your Co-Pilot, we enable your business strategy through compliant and secured SaaS Ecosystem

We help our clients with the below solutions

WHY SaaS Security?

Educate all stakeholders on the business and cyber security impacts of SaaS applications with a

SaaS Defense Workshop

WHERE to start with SaaS Security?

Define your SaaS security strategy and governance processes to organize, assess and sanction SaaS apps securely with

SaaS Security Strategy and Risk Assessment

WHAT to do to tackle SaaS Security?

Design an efficient architecture that aligns with enterprise security and identify the tools required with our 

SaaS Security Design

HOW to implement SaaS Security?

Deploy appropriate controls, processes and tools to enhance SaaS Security as part of your cyber security program with

SaaS Security Implementation

HOW to operationalize SaaS Security?

Get a dedicated team of certified SaaS Security engineers to manage and maintain your SaaS Security program, including continuous remediation, automation and reporting with


Managed SaaS Security Services

Tangible Outcomes of SaaS Security & Privacy solution

Increased Compliance & Visibility

Increased security controls over the SaaS environment facilitate enhanced visibility into misconfigurations and sensitive data and associated compliance with required industry standards.

Improved compliance posture helps retain the trust of stakeholders and board members and also reduces cyber insurance premiums.


Become Co-Pilot To Business Growth

Incorporating security in SaaS expansion strategy and implementation allows for more reliable and resilient deployments, accelerating business growth.

Protecting high-value assets (such as transactions, customer data, sales pipeline, etc.) in the SaaS environment significantly supports the businesses.

Increase Customer Trust In SaaS Adoption

Extending the cybersecurity controls to SaaS deployments ensures the protection of customer-sensitive data and PII, hence increasing customer trust in Salesforce implementations.


With a robust incident response plan, the security team is more adept at handling any incidents in Salesforce environments, retaining customer trust, and maintaining the company’s reputation in adverse times.

SaaS Security & Privacy FAQs

Securing your SaaS can be a complex task as a Chief Sales Officer. BluoOcean understands the challenges you face and offers tailored solutions to address them. Our comprehensive suite of tools, accelerators, and SaaS security blueprints empower your organization to implement robust security measures specifically designed for Salesforce and other SaaS platforms.

From a CISO’s perspective, securing a SaaS involves addressing unique challenges, such as data protection, user access management, and ensuring a secure architecture. BluOcean has developed industry-leading SaaS security architectures that are the foundation for your SaaS security. Leveraging our expertise, we provide tailored guidance and deploy advanced tools to protect your Salesforce environment and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

BluOcean offers a comprehensive approach to secure your SaaS. We provide advanced tools, accelerators, and SaaS security blueprints specifically designed to address the unique security needs of each SaaS application. Our team of experts collaborates with you to implement robust security controls, configure data protection measures, and establish secure architectures, ensuring your SaaS highest level of protection.

Building trust has become a challenge in today’s digital landscape. BluOcean offers expertise in securing and implementing trusted Salesforce solutions that prioritize data protection and foster customer trust.Our Salesforce solution takes a trust-focused approach to managing risks and ensuring a secure implementation.

Absolutely. BluOcean understands the importance of compliance in the SaaS environment. Our suite of tools, accelerators, and SaaS security blueprints are designed to assist you in meeting industry regulations and standards. We provide guidance on implementing necessary controls, data privacy measures, and industry best practices to ensure your SaaS, including Salesforce, remains compliant.

BluOcean has a robust incident response framework specifically tailored for SaaS-based environments. We leverage advanced monitoring tools and security analytics to detect and respond to potential security incidents in real-time. Our experts follow established protocols and work closely with your team to contain, investigate, and mitigate security breaches, minimizing any potential impact on your SaaS.

BluOcean offers continued support to ensure the ongoing security of your SaaS. Our experts provide regular updates on emerging threats and vulnerabilities, enabling you to stay one step ahead of potential risks. We offer guidance on implementing security enhancements, conducting periodic assessments, and leveraging our tools and accelerators to maintain a robust security posture for your SaaS.

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