Take charge of your data protection strategy.

Adopting SaaS does not absolve a company of its responsibility to protect customer and stakeholder data. The shared responsibility model clearly states that the business is responsible for data access, security, integrity, threat monitoring, and regulatory compliance. In short, SaaS vendors are responsible for the protection of the cloud, and the company is responsible for the protection of data in the cloud, not the vendor.



Adopting a CRM security solution ensures comprehensive protection for your sensitive customer data and maintains regulatory compliance. A dedicated security solution empowers your organization to take control of data access, implement stringent security measures, ensure data integrity, proactively monitor threats and meet industry-specific compliance requirements.

2. Risk Management Strategy Disclosure Requirements

  • Description of processes, if any, for the assessment, identification, and management of material risks from cybersecurity threats, including:
  • Whether and how processes have been integrated into the overall risk management system or processes


  • Engagements with assessors, consultants, auditors, or other third parties in connection with any such processes
  • Disclosure of whether any risks from cybersecurity threats have materially affected or are reasonably likely to materially affect their business strategy, results of operations, or financial condition.

3.Governance and Board Expertise Disclosure Requirements

  • Description of the board’s oversight of risks from cybersecurity threat and any devoted committees or subcommittees


  • Description of management’s role in assessing and managing the registrant’s material risks from cybersecurity threats which may include:
  • Management positions or committees are responsible for assessing and managing risks, and the relevant expertise of each person
  • Processes on how management is informed about and monitor the prevention, detection, mitigation, and remediation of cybersecurity incidents
  • How information about such risks to the board of directors or a committee or subcommittee of the board of directors.

Drive Visibility in Data Security

Salesforce security controls. Ensure compliance of Salesforce implementations with required standards and regulations.

Exposure of Critical Data

 and lifecycle management. Develop role hierarchy, entitlements, and access control guidelines to ensure user and account security.

Instilling Confidence in Customers

to ensure the standards and procedures developed by security teams are implemented at application, object, and field levels with the help of Saas teams.

Tangible Outcomes from SaaS Security & Privacy Solution

Increased Visibility & Compliance

Increased security controls over the SaaS environment facilitate enhanced visibility into misconfigurations and sensitive data and associated compliance with required industry standards.



Improved compliance posture helps retain the trust of stakeholders and board members and also reduces cyber insurance premiums.

Become Co-Pilot to Business Growth

Incorporating security in Salesforce strategy and implementation allows for more reliable and resilient deployments, accelerating business growth.


Protecting high-value assets (such as transactions, customer data, sales pipeline, etc.) in the Salesforce environment significantly supports the Sales and Customer service businesses.

Increase Customer Trust in SaaS Adoption

Extending the cybersecurity controls to SaaS deployments ensures the protection of customer-sensitive data and PII, hence increasing customer trust in Salesforce implementations.


With a robust incident response plan, the security team is more adept at handling any incidents in Salesforce environments, retaining customer trust, and maintaining the company’s reputation in adverse times.

How BluOcean Addresses This Challenge

The BluOcean SaaS cybersecurity and privacy framework has been crafted to protect sensitive data within Salesforce solutions. Utilizing the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) as a foundation, the framework is further aligned with the Cloud Control MatriX (CCM) from the Cloud Security Alliance and the Salesforce Shared Responsibility Model.



A risk-based approach, incorporating cyber threat (MITRE ATT&CK framework) intelligence feedback, has been integrated into the framework to ensure the security of sensitive data and to help you build customer trust.

Our Framework

At BluOcean, we prioritize Cyber Governance and Compliance, conducting thorough risk assessments to align controls with your risk appetite and ensure compliance with policies, standards, and regulations. We streamline Configuration Management and Privacy, reviewing SaaS security configurations and implementing data classification based on privacy requirements while safeguarding sensitive data through encryption and key management. Our Identity and Access Management expertise strike the right balance between data access and security, implementing Multi-Factor Authentication and ensuring appropriate roles and permissions.



We excel in Threat Monitoring and Incident Response, enabling real-time event monitoring to detect anomalies and designing effective incident response processes. Additionally, we address Lower Environments and APP2APP Security, anonymizing data in lower environments and ensuring safe development practices and vulnerability management. With our comprehensive SaaS security solutions, you can confidently protect your data, meet regulatory obligations, and safeguard your business from cyber threats. Trust our expertise to guide you through implementing these essential security measures, empowering your organization to leverage SaaS confidently.

SaaS Security & Privacy FAQs

Securing your SaaS-based CRM system can be a complex task as a Chief Sales Officer. BluoOcean understands the challenges you face and offers tailored solutions to address them. Our comprehensive suite of tools, accelerators, and SaaS security blueprints empower your organization to implement robust security measures specifically designed for Salesforce and other SaaS platforms.

From a CISO’s perspective, securing a SaaS-based CRM system involves addressing unique challenges, such as data protection, user access management, and ensuring a secure architecture. BluOcean has developed industry-leading SaaS security architectures that are the foundation for your CRM system’s security. Leveraging our expertise, we provide tailored guidance and deploy advanced tools to protect your Salesforce environment and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

BluOcean offers a comprehensive approach to secure your SaaS-based CRM system. We provide advanced tools, accelerators, and SaaS security blueprints specifically designed to address the unique security needs of Salesforce. Our team of experts collaborates with you to implement robust security controls, configure data protection measures, and establish secure architectures, ensuring your CRM system’s highest level of protection.

Building trust has become a challenge in today’s digital landscape. BluOcean offers expertise in securing and implementing trusted Salesforce solutions that prioritize data protection and foster customer trust.

Our Salesforce solution takes a trust-focused approach to managing risks and ensuring a secure implementation.

Absolutely. BluOcean understands the importance of compliance in the SaaS environment. Our suite of tools, accelerators, and SaaS security blueprints are designed to assist you in meeting industry regulations and standards. We provide guidance on implementing necessary controls, data privacy measures, and industry best practices to ensure your SaaS-based CRM system, including Salesforce, remains compliant.

BluOcean has a robust incident response framework specifically tailored for SaaS-based environments. We leverage advanced monitoring tools and security analytics to detect and respond to potential security incidents in real-time. Our experts follow established protocols and work closely with your team to contain, investigate, and mitigate security breaches, minimizing any potential impact on your SaaS-based CRM system.

BluOcean offers continued support to ensure the ongoing security of your SaaS-based CRM system. Our experts provide regular updates on emerging threats and vulnerabilities, enabling you to stay one step ahead of potential risks. We offer guidance on implementing security enhancements, conducting periodic assessments, and leveraging our tools and accelerators to maintain a robust security posture for your SaaS-based CRM system.

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